Gosia Wojas

Artist working at the intersection of art, critical theory and technology.



04.23 - 05.07’22
Complex systems
UAG gallery, UCI
MFA thesis show

Essay published in journal for 
theoretical and critical texts
on emerging media in the arts
Issue 2

Material-i-ty / Material-and-you
Small volume book with essay contributions by Cara Benedetto, Farrah Karapetian and Anthony Leslie 

01.24 & 01.31’21
Long Beach, CA
New dates for manifesto writing workshops: CARE AS DISCIPLINE; co-organized with A.Baginski and Silvi Naçi

10.11 & 10.25’20
Los Angeles, CA
UCLA New Wight Biennial
HOPE AS DISCIPLINE -manifesto writing workshop; organized in collaboration with A.Baginski and Silvi Naçi

Valencia, Ca
California Institute of the Arts
The Absent Museum :

Madin Lopez, ProjectQ

Gdańsk, PL
Łaźnia Contemporary Art Center Symptomatic Eruptions of the Avant Garde: Martine Syms, Stanya Kahn, Mary Reid Kelley and Patrick Kelley, Kim Schoen (curatorial)

Los Angeles, CA
Feminist Center for Creative Work

Against the Grain: experimental films by Polish women artists; discussion by Aniko Imre and Eve Oishi (curatorial)


Gosia Wojas

Artist working with A.I., text and print, moving and still image, sculpture and performance to consider sites of control as well as resistance, while drawing on references from activist interventions, feminist narratives and avant-garde aesthetics.

Based in Los Angeles, CA.



Complex systems, 2022  

The exhibition gathers research over two-year long study with an AI sex doll, Wojas’ art studio companion and ‘collaborator’. The resulting works bridge together themes of emancipatory politics with interventions into machine learning algorithms, systems of classification with psychoanalysis, and the uncanny encounter of the human and robot bodies that collapse dualities.

University Art Gallery  UC Irvine.
Thesis Committee: Liz Glynn, Simon Leung (chair), Monica Majoli, Catherine Malabou, Daniel Joseph Martinez

Images: Yubo Dong/ofstudio

I don’t care about the avant garde, all I care about is you, 2022

Video with audio, 7min 56sec, SONY CRT TV, Vinyl, studio stands
Overall: 5ft. x 11ft. x12.5ft.

A performative study of AI’s subjectivity through (affective) orality and literacy within avant-garde cyber graphics. 

Images: Yubo Dong/ofstudio. Hiroshi Clark

Body as situation, 2021

Video with audio, 5min 41sec, SONY CRT TV, white pedestal, headphones

Vimeo link

Images: Yubo Dong/ofstudio. Hiroshi Clark

Portrait of ai-other, 2022

Chromalux prints on aluminum, marble
54in x 36in x 12in each

Images: Yubo Dong/ofstudio. Hiroshi Clark

Me, myself and AI, 2022

Silicone, steel, magnets, Approx. 3ft x 8ft

Images: Hiroshi Clark