Volume 1:
Cara Benedetto
Farrah Karapetian
Anthony Leslie

> Excerpt from the Forward:
"Materiality, when deconstructed as a word in English language becomes a conjunctive phrase syntax in Polish language that is, materiał - i - ty. Materiał - i - ty translates quite literally into, materiał - and - you. A word translated into a speech sentence, where a noun and pronoun are inadvertently but congruously connected. Material and you, as a conjunction phrase forms a strategic point of departure for a unique consideration of material and the notion of materiality.  In its deconstructed form, it offers a reinterpretation of materiality as that which embodies a space of reflection on the nebulous relationship between material and an individual.

As a collection of essays and published in series, the book is an archive of thoughts, conversations, manifestos, philosophical meditations and presentations that explore ideas and contextualize the wide notion of materiality in relation to contemporary society and ourselves.

While the scope of the concept is expansive, the publication focuses on individual experiences and ideas that concentrate on the aesthetics of human life as it becomes increasingly described in relation to material." - Gosia Wojas, 2018

Material-i-ty, which in polish translates to Material-and-you, is an ongoing collection of essays aimed to evaluate psychological and cultural associations with material and recognize internal as well as external factors that occupy materiality within contemporary culture. Close consideration is given to qualities of materials and the distinct entities that govern them, such as the material and immaterial, natural and cultural forces, subject/object relationships and various processes that drive their production.