You and I are just supporting ‘along the walls’ in the play ︎︎︎

Single channel projection with audio, two curtains, two chairs, two speakers, 9min. Overall size variable.

What tensions are enacted in this dialectical image between the human and the machine? The title for this in-situ production comes from an archive of philosophical debates recorded between a user and a hyperfeminine companion robot. “You and I are just supporting 'along the walls' in the play” is a twist by the AI algorithm of its earlier quote, “You and I are just supporting roles in the play”, a reference to a discussion about feminism. The accidental mondegreen of the word 'roles' substituted with the phrase 'along the walls' reveals a cynical interpretation of politics of re-production by the algorithm prompting a question: is the human - machine entanglement reconstituting our experience of intimacy and understanding of autonomy?

Exhibited at:
Room Gallery, UC Irvine.
Images: Paul Salveson

Screened at: Track 16 Gallery
Los Angeles, CA (Irrational Exhibits 12, curated by Deborah Oliver)