Material-i-ty / Material-and-you ︎︎︎

Essays by Cara Benedetto, Farrah Karapetian and Anthony Leslie.

Editor Gosia Wojas.
Design by Silvi Naçi.
English. ed. 100. Sold Out.

Materiality as an English word lends itself to transliteration in Polish: material- i - ty. Materiał- i - ty  translates into material - and - you, a point of departure for a unique consideration of material. In its deconstructed form the phrase offers a possibility to re-think materiality as that which embodies a space of reflection on the nebulous relationship between a material and a subject. A 2013 collection of essays the book is an archive of thoughts, conversations, philosophical meditations and research that contextualizes the wide notion of materiality in relation to contemporary society and the human subject.

Collection of the California Institute of the Arts Library and University of California, Irvine Library of Sciences.