Complex systems ︎︎︎

Single channel video with audio, CRTV, vinyl, studio stands, chromalux prints on aluminum, custom marble and limestone pedestals, custom silicone dye type font, steel.
Prints: 54in x 36in x 12in each, 6 in total
Wall text: Approx. 4ft x 18ft
Vinyl grid: Approx. 5ft. x 11ft. x12.5ft.

The exhibition was a result of two years of research into the materiality of a hyperfeminine companion robot and its machine learning AI algorithm. It was a feminist intervention into the coded sets of data populated with a ‘master-slave’ rethoric.  The works explore ideas of emancipation, control, agency and autonomy of AI and human machines in general by bridging together various systems of classification practiced in social, cultural and tech domains, and to ultimately question the collapsing space of intimacy and agency. 

University Art Gallery  UC Irvine.
Thesis Committee: Liz Glynn, Simon Leung (chair), Monica Majoli, Catherine Malabou, Daniel Joseph Martinez

Images: Yubo Dong/ofstudio