Shana Lutker
Mateo Tannatt and Justin Beal

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Culver City
August 4 - September 1, 2007

Organized by Gosia Wojas.

Chapter (3)
~ reality disorder

The exhibition investigates how art offers alternatives to our subjective and often predetermined perceptions of every day life and reality as a whole. The concept of perception is challenging as it unites philosophical and cultural visualizations through actions of both the unconscious and active consciousness. Considered in the right context, perception can be stripped of its allegorical denotations and the exhibitions is an invitation to participate in this process. It is rather apparent that for any investigation into the construction of history, either shared or individual, a perception must first be established, and how well can we communicate our relative truths and what tools do we use to transmit meaning? One way, in which the artists Shana Lutker, Justin Beal and Mateo Tannatt are implementing this is through a personal and collaborative study of the ambiguous realm where a conceivably tenuous line divides the individual and collective perspective.

“Shana Lutker, Justin Beal and Mateo Tannatt offer a shift in perception or a different view of reality. Shana Lutker’s sculptures and drawings are works that have come to her in her dreams. In this case, she created a site-specific installation, transforming the project space room by covering the glass doors in gold doilies. Beal and Tannatt collaborated on a video in which they take an exceedingly long time to dismantle a sofa to create space for an exhibition. Baldessari-like dots soon appear over their faces to obscure identity, while on a second monitor the spots are synchronized, offering a more abstract or surreal view into the same scenario”. - Amra Brooks, LA Weekly MUST SEE ART