Martine Syms
Stanya Kahn
Mary Reid and Patrick Kelley
Kim Schoen

Screening at: Łaźnia Contemporary Art Center, Gdansk, Poland
June 7, 2018

Organized by Gosia Wojas.

Chapter (13)
~ Symptomatic Eruptions of the avant garde

Rupture. Revolution. Symptomatic eruptions of the avant-garde. The symbolic is no longer capable of directing the semiotic energies. Its subversive, dispersing energies transgress the boundaries of the tolerable limits of the symbolic.  Elizabeth Grosz’s study of the French theorist, Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalysis theory on abjection and its relation to subjectivity, presents a metaphor for the contemporary socio-political (human) spectacle playing out before our eyes - in short, the simultaneous production and subversion of representation and meaning in discourse. Struggles between power constructs and resistances materialize in the video works by artists, Stanya Kahn, Mary Reid and Patrick Kelley, Kim Schoen and Martine Syms. Using various strategies of abject performativity within a moving image the artists examine constructs of meaning within social, political and historical structures in areas where representation and its structural boundaries are under constant threat of breakdown. It is simultaneously in the state of becoming and subverting the production of meaning in a manner of dramatizing and reproducing a new idea that representation becomes a situation, an event, rather than a fact.