Gosia Wojas

performativity, proximity, mimesis, materiality, entanglement, embodiment, corporeality, capital



12.03.22-01.07.23 Intimate Things
Phase Gallery
Los Angeles, CA 

04.23 - 05.07’22
Complex systems
UAG gallery
University of California, Irvine

Essay published in journal for 
theoretical and critical texts on emerging media in the arts
Issue 2

Material-i-ty / Material-and-you
Small volume book with essay contributions by Cara Benedetto, Farrah Karapetian and Anthony Leslie 

01.24 & 01.31’21
Long Beach, CA
New dates for manifeso writing workshops: CARE AS DISCIPLINE; co-organized with A.Baginski and Silvi Naçi

10.11 & 10.25’20
Los Angeles, CA
UCLA New Wight Biennial
HOPE AS DISCIPLINE -manifesto writing workshop; organized in collaboration with A.Baginski and Silvi Naçi

Valencia, Ca California Institute of the Arts
The Absent Museum

Madin Lopez, ProjectQ

Gdańsk, PL
Łaźnia Contemporary Art Center
Symptomatic Eruptions of the Avant Garde: Martine Syms, Stanya Kahn, Mary Reid Kelley and Patrick Kelley, Kim Schoen (curatorial)

Los Angeles, CA
Feminist Center for Creative Work

Against the Grain: experimental films by Polish women artists; discussion by Aniko Imre and Eve Oishi (curatorial)


Gosia Wojas

performativity, proximity, mimesis, materiality, entanglement, embodiment, corporeality



The Absent Museum

The Absent Museum was conceived as a cooperative practice to consider which aspects of pedagogical inquiry were absent from institutional programing. Framed as a discussion specific platform it included voices from prominent feminist practices, collectives around social activism and grassroots initiatives which despite the undeniable threat of absolute power perform actions of philanthropic giving and building.

The program included, most recently, a series of meetings in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and as a continuation of the thoughts that sparked political uprisings to discuss the political power of a Manifesto.

Resulting collective writings were published as, Care as Discipline (2021) and Hope as Discipline (2020), co-organized with Ana Baginski and Silvi Naçi; in 2019 a panel Taking Space/Making Space with Cog︎nate Collective, and  Feminist Center for Creative Work, co-organized with Ana Baginski, at UC Irvine’s School of Humanities; a 2018 talk,  Making an Activist with Madin Lopez of ProjectQ on the power of the LGBTQ+ community, at CalArts’ Bijou Theatre.