**** upcoming session on Sunday, January 24th, 12-3pm as part of the GLAMFA week  ****

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Sunday, January 24th, 2021
12-3PM PST
"Hope as Discipline - A Manifesto Workshop" expands on the collective voices of historical manifestos and past workshop participants. Please join us for a third session of conversations and collective writing during the upcoming GLAMFA week, kindly promoted by teamCAMFA.

Post-workshop EDITHON session: November 15th, 2020
UCLA New Wight Biennial 2020
Session 1:
Sunday, October 11th,  12-3PM PST

Session 2:
Sunday, October 25th, 12-3PM PST

A conversation aimed to practice "hope as discipline"*. Collaborative reading and writing of a living document to interrogate the notion of a  singular author and to collectively reflect on the conditions of our shared realities as well as sought imaginaries.Google doc as the manifesto: a proclamation of thoughts, beliefs and doubts that equally manifest the urgency for hope and aspirations.
This iteration of the document will be published by the UCLA 2020 New Wight Biennial as part of the biennial catalog.
The online workshop is organized by artists, Silvi Naçi and Gosia Wojas and scholar Ana Baginski, and in conjunction with the UCLA 2020 New Wight Biennial, curated by Susan Aparicio and Nathaniel Whitfield. *"hope is a discipline" is a phrase famously said by a restorative justice activist, Mariame Kabe.