Essay Authors:
Cara Benedetto
Farrah Karapetian
Anthony Leslie

Material-i-ty is a small volume book with essays by artists Cara Benedetto, Farah Karapetian and writer Anthony Leslie.
A transliteration and a deconstructionist proposition on materiality, the book is a collection of philosophical meditations on the wider notion of the word and its meaning.

Publisher: Gosia Wojas
Design: Silvi Naçi
Printer: Greenerprinter
Format: Softcover, 10 x 8 in
Language: English
Published: June 2021

Chapter (14)
~ Material-i-ty / Material-and-you

Materiality, when deconstructed as a word in the English language becomes a conjunctive syntax in Polish language as, material-i-ty, which translates quite literally into, materiał - and - you. A word translated into a speech sentence, where a noun and pronoun are inadvertently but congruously connected. Material and you, as a conjunction phrase forms a strategic point of departure for a unique consideration of material and the notion of materiality. In its deconstructed form, it offers a reinterpretation of materiality as that which embodies a space of reflection on the nebulous relationship between material and oneself. As a collection of essays and to be published as a series, the book is an archive of thoughts, conversations, manifestos, philosophical meditations and research with an attempt to contextualize the wide notion of materiality in relation to contemporary society and the human subject.