Vickie Aravindhan
Ana Baginski
Molly Champlin
Melora Garcia
Meredith Freeman
Ramona Mikelson
Silvi Naçi
Amanda Quinlan
Mirabel Wigon
Gosia Wojas

Organized by:
Ana Baginski
Silvi Naçi
Gosia Wojas

Hosted by:
GLAMFA, California State University Long Beach
January 24, 2021

Collective writing and reading of excerpts from “The Care Manifesto” book published by The Care Collective (2020), as well as political texts from an array of authors such as, W.E.B. Du Bois, The Black Panther, Combahee River Collective, Angela Davis, Leanna Betasamosake Simpson, Johanna Hedva, and more.

Manifesto published in the GLAMFA 2021 catalogue.

Chapter (13)
~ Care Manifesto

what is the critical path, today?
I'm thinking about the multitude of issues affecting me, my children, my family and friends, my community, the local and the global...
out of this multitude of paths one can take
to begin correcting the destruction left by colonialism, capitalist structures, white supremacy, rape culture, attacks on gender, sexual identity and agency, which one is the critical one, today?
which path will offer peace to the multi-generational families of essential workers living in tight quarters ravaged by the effects of the virus and the pandemic?
which path will offer justice to the immigrant women held in Trump's detention centers, who were vandalized with unwanted hysterectomies?
which path to resistance and which path to mobilization?
which path can justify and uphold the long forgotten truths that a politics of care is a radical act and a critical action?
which path…

the work is in the gut, the heart, the innards of the political beings we have become

we believe in joy
and love
being there for ourselves
as much as being there for others
the work is never done
we birth, we are born

is it an experiment or it is a practice? 
Gosia Wojas, excerpt from the Care Manifesto