Madin Lopez, co-founder ProjectQ

Madin Lopez will start the series with their presentation, "Making An Activist, at the Intersection of Homophobia and Misogynoir".

April 16th, 2019, 5-7pm

California Institute of the Arts
The Bijou Auditorium
24700 McBean Pkwy. Valencia, CA 91355

California Institure of the Arts.

Gosia Wojas

Images by Kail Hocker. Courtesy of California Institute of the Arts. Poster design by Noah Chang.

Chapter (10)
~ The Absent Museum

The Absent Museum event is first in a series of discussions around the changing notion of philanthropy in our contemporary culture. The traditional model of monetary donations seems to operate as an non-inclusive and out of reach system. What are the possibilities beyond this model? The first series of events in the Absent Museum program will focus on this question and will introduce people and organizations that speak to the idea of grassroots philanthropy - is this approach more caring, more beneficial and open as a model for our work with communities today. How can art engage with communities through social practice? How do we define what social practice is today and how can it truly benefit our communities?

The ABSENT museum was conceived in 2012 as a discussion platform to engage with community organizers via critical conversations focusing on social practices, such as marginalized feminist practices, social activism and grassroots philanthropic actions.

Considered in a space of post-marxist thought and under an undeniable threat of absolute power that takes the forms of fascism, racism, sexism and misogyny, The ABSENT museum seeks to make visible actions of those individuals, collectives, communities and organizations that utilize models and structures of sustainable and shared economies, collaboration and kinship, and ethics of care.

the ABSENT museum was founded by artist Gosia Wojas.