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  1. California Institute of the Arts
    House of Glass,
    Lulu von Hagen Courtyard

    March 8th, 2018

    A participatory and durational reading of the original House of Dust poem, consisting of nearly one thousand original quatrains, will take place at the newly constructed House of Glass at CalArts, about 50 years after the House of Dust structure was placed on the campus grounds. Participants will read the computer-generated quatrains at the same time (a nod to Alison Knowles' Newspaper Music score), while moving in, out and around the House, flicking the pages up in the air as they move through the poem, to eminate the 1971 event during which pages of the poem were dropped from a helicopter circling above CalArts. The duration of the reading is open ended, meaning the performance will end when the last participant walks off the House of Glass.

    Watch a VIDEO of the performance, courtesy of CalArts.

    More info about the history of the House of Dust and the planning, design and consequent move of the House of Glass to the MAK Center in LA, read on the CalArts Blog