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  1. Souterrain gallery, The Hoffmann Collection (Sammlung Hoffmann), Berlin
    August, 2012

    The exhibition presents works on paper that engage with digital imagery and which reveal subtle tensions emerging through the interconnectivity of non-digital (paper) and digital (internet and digital photography).

    Cathy Akers' photographs of contemporary communes invesitage the 1960’s archives of the countercultural revolution in America. Scott Benzel examines the disjuncture between embodiments of popular culture and their accumulated meanings. Sayre Gomez appropriates and obscures visuals from popular social media, questioning the propagation of images. Aura Rosenberg employs tropes permeating throughout pornographic sites to evoke painterly and abstract gestures. Kim Schoen's photographs experiment with the rethorics of display taking on a perspective that is both absurd and exact.

    Souterrain is an artist-run gallery under the patronage of the prestigious Hoffmann Collection in Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Berlin (Mitte)